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I searched the internet high and low before I landed on Friendly Russian Blues Cattery. Continued to search and came back!  If you are here, look NO further! There’s no point! There cannot be any better cattery anywhere! We picked up our precious Blueberry this past week at 12 weeks old. I’ve lived with 7 cats throughout my lifetime and there isn’t a sweeter, more pleasant, more easygoing kitten than our newest member of the family!  My husband developed allergies to many animals a little over a decade ago. I had lost hope of ever having another cat as a pet. After searching for a pet dog for our 4 rambunctious boys and discovering goolden-doodles. I began to dig deeper into possibilities & came across this breed.  I decided to join the waitlist even though the price at the time seemed more than I was comfortable with but let me tell you, our sweet Blueberry is well worth every cent!!! When we made it home after Bernice met us halfway with her kids (snow day for them – btw she could have canceled!) -it was never my plan but this a true testament to these kittens’ temperament:  – as she literally met 15 people in one day.  My youngest son (11yo) had several neighborhood friends over, my parents and my sister-in-law, etc. Blueberry remained pleasant no matter how many people held her or how tired she must have been. I also took her to her vet appointment and everyone LOVED her there as well!!  She is super cuddly and very playful!! She also shows our 3 year old doodle who’s boss. I do believe they will be the best of friends in time. FYI, I am so glad I purchased a cat tree stand as Blueberry loves climbing up and zooming down it regularly!  heartsmiley_cat I second everything everyone else says!  Bernice does go above & beyond and these kittens get LOVED-ON from the moment they are born. Thank you so very much Bernice & Family for all the Love you blessed Blueberry with which in-turn blessed my family!
heart smiley_catheart

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