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heartFriendly Blues Cattery is wonderful!  We adopted our little Suki in Nov. 2019 and couldn’t be any happier with her personality. They really seems to embody the Russian Blue temperament and certainly looks beautiful with her silky-velvety double coat, green eyes and omnipresent smile. Bernice & Husband clearly take amazing care of their cats and kittens and fully prepare them to be adopted into families who have children.

Our vet recently said how great our kitten’s breeder was due to the kitten’s ease around people and new settings and how pleasant she was to check up during her well visit.

Whether a Russian Blue is right for you is a personal choice, but don’t hesitate in wondering whether the kittens from Friendly Russian Blues Cattery are well bred.  They are truly outstanding! The Russian Blue breed is simply exquisite and truly hypoallergenic. I am severely allergic to most cats and I’m doing just fine with our little girl without taking any allergy meds.

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