Our Nursery operates on the US market, more than 3 years.

Our cattery is located just North of California in Crescent city. The kittens are born and raised inside our home on our 13 acre mini-farm. Our family are caretakers of the kitties/ owners of Friendly Russian Blues Cattery. We have 4 great kids between the ages of 5-19. Our kittens are tiny members of our family as well as our Bernedoodle, Bentley. The kitties get tons of love and attention from the day they are born until the day they go home. ​ We love animals of all kinds but our hearts belong to the Russian Blues. We first learned about Russian Blues years ago when researching lower shedding pets for my son with allergies. Thus came about our very first Russian Blue, Teddy. We fell in love with this unique, highly intelligent breed and the rest is history! We love being able to offer families these amazing cats while working to improve the breed. Because of the active household environment they’re born into, our kittens and cats are very social, adaptable and outgoing. They are perfect for any lifestyle!.

Our kittens live in more than 30 states of the USA. About our cattery, we have a large archive of photos and videos of our happy pets in a new family, as well as letters with grateful responses from our clients.

We support our kitten breed with rare fur and eye colors. Our kittens are brought up for a family with children or for single people, so that each family has a beloved friend with whom you can talk, whom you can caress and pick up without any problems. All our kittens have a sweet character, because they have pure blood of their breed. Our kittens do not communicate with sick animals, they live in separate rooms with their mothers, have a lot of toys and cat trees, and also have a lot of love from our hearts, we do everything for the healthy development of a kitten for you …

We work with kittens 24 hours, every day.


Policy of our cattery

We put the waiting List for kittens only after signing the contract and making a deposit.

Due to personal safety, liability and the health and safety of our Cats and Kittens, we prefer to meet in a public place or we ship to you directly. Many Sicknesses are easily transferred via clothing and shoes! Allowing visitors into our home and cattery puts  our cats and especially our underage kittens at risk. We take the health of our kittens and cats very seriously. This policy is to help ensure the kittens we send to their new homes are as healthy as possible!