RUSSIAN BLUE CATTERY

                                                                                                                                                   A RUSSIAN BLUE HOME – BASE NURSERY

We are a small nursery located in Crescent city, CA. We offer beautiful, well-socialized Russian Blue kittens.  The babies are born into a family home environment and get tons of love and attention from day one.  Our #1 goal as pet lovers is to provide you with a sweet, healthy, outgoing kitten that will be your companion for many years to come!  
Russian Blues are a unique breed with many desirable traits! They have a beautiful, short but lush silver-tipped fur and stunning emerald green eyes. Their “Russian smile” will melt your heart. They are calm, loving, easy going, quiet kitties that have many dog-like tendencies. Our cats love a game of fetch & following you around the house to supervise chores. Russian Blues have a reputation for being reserved around strangers but we find that they warm up very quickly to guests and oftentimes greet them at the door. They are affectionate and loyal. They are an intelligent breed that quickly learns new tricks and games. 
Blues are excellent mousers and critter catchers. Very playful and loving to their humans.  One of our cats even initiates games of tag with the kids! Super cute to watch!  Blues shed less than some other breeds and are very rarely destructive. They are sensitive and will appear to sulk if reprimanded.  They will also go out of their way to cheer up the kids if they are crying or not feeling well. Russian Blues have been referred to as the perfect “apartment cat” because they have a pretty tranquil demeanor and do not seem to mind being alone while you work- although they will be very happy to see you when you get home. The worst thing about Russian Blues is that you can’t have just one… They are addicting! They are all around sweet cats. The perfect breed in our eyes! 

There is a lot of false information online about Russian Blues being hypoallergenic. They are good for some (but definitely not all) people with cat allergies. There is no such thing as a completely hypoallergenic cat but it is said that Russian Blues rank low on the allergy scale.   Not only are they a lower shedding breed but they also produce less of the Fel d 1 protein which is the most common allergen in cats. We want forever homes for our babies so please be honest about allergies when contacting us.  We are happy to set up a visit with our cats after you’ve placed a deposit. 

 Kittens receive at least 2 veterinary exams, vaccinations, and are spayed/neutered prior to placement into their new homes. They are fed a combination of Orijen Kitten & Royal Canin “Mother & Babycat” dry food, Wellness & Nulo brand wet food and a whole food diet including shredded chicken, salmon and farm fresh quail eggs. Samples of their food are included in the kitten welcome home kit.

We are a closed nursery. For health and safety concerns for our kittens and our family, we do not allow casual visits to our home.  Only after a deposit has been made and your spot has been secured on the waiting list, do we allow visits to choose or to pick up a kitten.  Young kittens are susceptible to germs/illness and we want to keep their exposure to a minimum.

Kittens are $600
 We love to place our kittens in homes together and do offer a discount for kittens purchased together or returning families.  We accept Zelle, Venmo or cash upon pick up.  Please note that if you are paying Zelle or Venmo, full payment must be received prior to pick up or shipping. We only accept cash on the day of pickup.  Included are all vet exams, vaccines, spay/neuter, 30 day trial of pet health insurance (optional), kitten welcome home kit, health record, health guarantee contract, nursery blanket & cat carrier for the trip home.
We can ship/deliver our kittens within the US and Canada.  See our shipping page for additional information.

Russian blue cat at home

Unique Russian Blue Kittens For Sale

Cattery name friendly Russian Blue
If you believe that Russian blue cats are a special civilization, then buy kittens from our friendly Russian Blue
There are always kittens in our cattery, Friendly Russian Blue.

All parents of our kittens have titles of World and European champions.
The parents of our Russian Blue kittens came to our cattery from Russia and Europe.

Our Russian Blue kittens are born in our Friendly Russian Blue Cat Cattery in California, USA. We ship to all US states.

We have been breeding purebred Russian Blue cats for over 3 years.
Our Royal Russian Blue kittens currently live in 41 US states, the California, Oregon, Ohio, Massachusetts, Washington State, New York, Montana, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Virginia, Colorado, North and South Carolina, Alabama and other states, and also today our pets of the Russian Blue cat live in Australia and Puerto Rico.

We are proud of our Russian Blue kittens with big bright green eyes.
We sell kittens to families with special children at a special price.
The intelligent breed of the Russian Blue cat will always be a great friend to your children and you. A great friend for single people.